Spanish serrano ham is eated all over the world. Spanish serrano ham is being displayed in Intercarn.

SPANISH SERRANO HAM conquERS gourmets all over the world

The spanish serrano ham from Teruel obtained a lot of good reviews from consumers all over the world. The Chinese, Americans, Russians a.s.o. tasted our serrano ham and they were all surprised. All this was posible thanks to the Food Fair, an international platform for food and drinks which took place in Barcelona (in Montjuic). There is where the serrano ham from Teruel had a stand for informacion and tasting.

Spanish serrano ham with Teruel protected designation of origin.

The spanish serrano ham from Teruel had a very good image in the "Alimentaria" platform

The serrano ham from Teruel is being displayed in Intercarn, a space which is used for everything connected with the meat and meat products; this area is one of the most visited by people. Here we can see approximately 16.000 m2  with exposures of white and Iberian serrano ham, fresh meat and cold cut meat a.s.o., all these placed in some 600 displaying stands. Here, one can also appreciate the last food industry tendencies.


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