Spanish serrano ham from Teruel. Spanish serrano ham helps preventing the arteriosclerosis.


The arteriosclerosis represents the hardening of the arteries and is an illness characterized by the development of some focal injuries called atheromatous plaques. The first death cause in the Western countries is the heart diseases, related to the arteriosclerosis. In Spain, half of the deaths produced each year are due to arteriosclerosis. They calculated that in 2020 arteriosclerosis will be the first cause of death in the whole world.

Having a high level of cholesterol means that when it combines with the calcium in the body the cholesterol sticks itself to the walls of the arteries, eliminating their elasticity and thus producing arteriosclerosis. So one can say that cholesterol helps producing arteriosclerosis, which difficults the blood flow and may produce heart and circulatory problems.

Spanish serrano ham with protected designation of origin.

Serrano ham helps preventing the appearance of the arteriosclerosis, since it helps us reducing the cholesterol level

The spanish serrano ham helps us to reduce the unhealthy cholesterol levels in blood, so if cholesterol produces arteriosclerosis, the ham also helps preventing this illness.

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