Olive oil and prevention of diseases El aceite de oliva y prevención de las enfermedades

olive oil and the prevention of diseases

It has been shown that the Mediterranean diet prevents cardiovascular diseases. Scientists from different universities (including the University of Málaga) have participated in this study. 772 patients have been investigated and it has been demonstrated that consuming extra virgin olive oil has benefits: lower blood pressure, lowering cholesterol (LDL) and increase the protective effect of good cholesterol (HDL).

The benefits of oil against heart disease have been verified for the first time scientifically

An investigation has shown that olive oil lowers blood pressure.

The benefits of the Mediterranean diet on cardiovascular disease prevention have been scientifically demonstrated for the first time. 17 research teams from different regions of Spain were involved . And it was supported financially by the Ministry of Health and Olive Communal Heritage.

To consume 50g of olive oil, at least, is good for your health

Olive oil helps prevent the onset of disease.


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