Almacenamiento de aceite de oliva



When oil is stored in poor conditions it undergoes certain changes that alter the oil (rancidity, etc) to avoid this storage tanks should meet the following conditions:

-         Be constructed of impervious material to allow for washing before filling with new oil.

-         Made of an inert material, ie. incapable of reacting with the oil.

-         Do not absorb odours.

-         Not contain materials that accelerate rancidity.

-         Be impervious to light and moisture.

-         Maintain a constant temperature, ideally around 15 º C. Higher temperatures promote rancidity and low temperatures heighten turbidity of the oil.



 Olive oil storage tanks

Mill for olive oil storage.



 During the storage the sedimentation of insoluble material can form a deposit that can ferment and give the oil a bad smell. To prevent this the oil must be strained, this treatment sometimes will need to be repeated several times before bottling. These operations make sure that the olive oil is exposed to the air for the shortest amount of time possible to prevent oxidation or rancidity.





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