Water mill, used for the olive oil elaboration Molino de agua para hacer aceite de oliva virgen extra.


  hydraulic mill for the production of olive oil

Hydraulic mill for the production of olive oil is the old press mill activated for water strength, depending of the stream volume of flow, this gives to the waterwheel the necessary speed and the power  to make the different components of the factory work. 

The screw sends the olives from the burn to the crush area that is made with conical stones, from this place the olive paste goes to the cylindrical stones mixer

The bomb of the piston that drives the press where there is extracted the oil of the olive paste, is placed in the baskets, that previously a miller has transported in a bucket from the place where is made the paste to form the charge.

The must of the oil is taken to the decantation wells, in this wells olive oil will be decanted leaving it free from impurities.

The bomb to decant olive oil and propel warm water, is activated by one of the multiple transmission pulleys by flat strap, which connects in the central eye, receives movement and impulse from the mother pulley, activated by the palettes wheel, installed in the exterior of the mill and firmly connected with the stream.

The water mill takes the force to drive the machinery of the water.  

Hydraulic mill also used to the production of olive oil

Source: Pieralisi España S.L



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