Landrace pigs El cerdo landrace

landrace pigs

This breed of pig comes from Denmark, it is classified as a lean meat, with low levels of fat. It is one of the breeds most used in the production of serrano ham; together with the Large White, it is the base of pig farming in Spain and is very well adapted to the environment. It is very verstile as it is used as a pure line, so much so in the maternal as in the paternal. Its production rates are very similar to those of the Large White, although it is longer, and has a larger lean meat percentage. Regarding the reproductive values, they are slightly lower than in the Large White breed but they have more of a tendency to produce PSE (pale, soft flesh and exudative). 

This breed is also frequently used because of the ease at which it gains weight, the pigs are usually rather muscular and with a high percentage of ham.

Their main characteristics are:

- Their size is medium, with a well proportioned form and a rather thin, balanced bone structure. It is also long and is unusual in the fact that it it has 16 or 17 ribs (as opposed to the 14 that other types of pigs have).

- Colour: white, although at times it has dark patches.

- Head: not too long, with a rather straight line, and with age it gradually becomes concave, and has a slight jowl.

- Ears: they are situated towards the top of the head, practically covering its visibility. They are not very long and they are more or less parallel.

The country of origin for Landrace pigs is Denmark

The ears of the Landrace pigs are situated towards the front of their heads, practically covering their eyes.

- Neck: is of medium length, rather light and well defined.

- Shoulders: firm and well attached to the trunk, with normal proportions.

- Back:quite large, slighlty curved and uniform.

- Spine: robust, wide and muscular.

- Thorax: firm, compacted sides and quite warped ribs.

- Abdomen: the lower part is quite straight, full, and has to have at least 12 teats in regular form.  

- Rump: usually a medium size with a straight form but slighty curved towards the tail.

- Buttocks and thighs: quite wide, hard, and rounded.

- Tail: is situated quite high up.

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