Utensils used for cutting serrano ham Utensilios utilizados para cortar jamón serrano

utensils used for cutting serrano ham

The main utensils used for cutting serrano ham are:

- Slicing knife: elongated, narrow blade, flexible and properly sharpened, to cut slices of ham.

The slicing knife must be well sharpened to get the best slices

The slicing knife is used to cut slices of ham, it is long with a narrow blade.

- Broad knife: to remove the crust and outer fat of the ham, in preparation for cutting.

- Short knife: to clean the leg of ham. This has to be strong, and pointed.

- Sharpener: to sharpen and eliminate irregularities in the metal knife to make the cut better and easier.

The sharpener keeps the balde smooth and sharp

You must sharpen the knife before beginning to cut the ham, this makes the cut easier and better.

- Ham stand: to support the ham. So that we can make the cut with comfort, stability and protection.

The ham stand is to support the leg of ham

With a ham stand we can cut the ham in a safer way.

- A rag or dish towel: to cover the ham, so that it does not dry. Instead of the cloth, you can also place pieces of the crust or fat, which are removed at the beginning of the ham. On the hand it can be used to securely hold the workpiece and to thoroughly clean knives and hands. We should also use another cloth after sharpening the knife to remove the gray powder, so as not to stain or damage the ham.

You can cover the ham with a cloth

The cloth is used to stop the started ham from drying out. With the same function, you can use the pieces of fat and crust that are cut off at the beginning.




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