Appetiser recipes Recetas de entrantes


In this section you will find curious and delicious appetisers and snacks; cuisine prepared with products of our land.

- Cheese Bites.

- Celery with Fresh Cheese.

- Cheese and Pineapple Appetiser.

- Serrano Ham and Cheese Fritters.

- Serrano Ham on Toast with Port Paté.

- Cheese canapé.

- Gazpacho with Strips of Teruel Ham.

- Blended Cheese Canapé.

- Soft Cheese Tartlet with Raspberry.

- Cheese balls.

- Quail stuffed with Teruel ham.

- Teruel ham croquettes.

- Cheese croquettes.

- Artisan cheese pasties.

- Vegetable, apple and artisan cheese salad.

- Tomato salad with artisan goats cheese.

- Shepherds crumble.

- Tomato bread with Teruel ham.  

- Mushroom toast with Teruel ham.

- Cheese bites with Teruel ham.

- Stuffed peaches from Calanda.

- Brussel sprouts with Teruel ham.

- Battered asparagus with Teruel ham.

- Filled rolls of Teruel ham.

- Celery with cheese from Lower Aragón.

- Blended cheeses on seasame seed toast.

- Pasta with tomato and cheese from Lower Aragón.

- Mushroom crepês with cheese from Lower Aragón.

- Cheese wedges from Lower Aragón.

- Melted cheese parcels.

- Farinetas, traditional Spanish dish.

- Sandwiches with cheese from Lower Aragón.

- Sautéed thistle and artichokes with ham from Teruel.

- Pork pie with serrano ham from Teruel.

- Quail's eggs stuffed with ham from Teruel.

- Pasties with chard and ham from Teruel.

- Toasted ham from Teruel.

- Fried serrano ham from Teruel.

- Covered serrano ham from Teruel.

- Roasted serrano ham from Teruel.

- Mushrooms with serrano ham on toast.

- Eggs with ham from Teruel.

- Garlic soup.

- Spinach soup.

- Green asparagus soup.

- Garden vegetable stew.

- Gazpacho made with olive oil from Teruel.

- Layered vegetable cake.

- Gluten free bread for celiacs.

- Dried tomatoes with olive oil.

- Warm figs with olive oil and serrano ham.

- Grilled artichokes with olive oil.

- Green salad with garlic and olive oil.


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