Thistle with almonds Cardo con almendra y aceita de oliva

Thistle with almonds and olive oil

Ingredients for 4 people:

- 1,5 Kg. of washed thistles. 

 - 3 garlic cloves.

 - 6 spoonfuls of olive oil from Lower Aragón.

 - 1 spponful of flour.

 - 1 spoonful of ground almonds. 

 - Salt. 

 - Water.

Delicious thistle served with almonds


Thistle with almonds, traditional Spanish Christmas dish.



Cook the thistle on a low heat until its well done and drain (keeping to one side a cup full of the water used to boil them).

Fry the garlic in olive oil from Lower Aragón, add the flour, the almonds and the cup of water that that we used to boil the thistles to make a light sauce.

Cover the thistle with the sauce and serve whilst hot.


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