Filled rolls of ham Rollos de jamón serrano de Teruel



 Ingredients for 4 people:

 - ¼ k. of serrano ham from Teruel.

 - 2 packets of cream cheese from Lower Aragón (approx. 480 g.).

 - ¼ sour cream. 

 - 1 medium onion, finely chopped.

 - 4 finely chopped celery stalks. 

 - Salt. 

- Pepper to taste. 

- 1 Romanita lettuce.

- Wines from Matarraña.



Mix the sour cream and the cream cheese from Lower Aragón with a blender and place into a wooden bowl. Stir while adding the onion and the cut celery and salt and pepper to taste. Put the bowl in the fridge.

With the slices of serrano ham from Teruel, make cone shapes out of them and fill them with the chilled cream cheese mixture. When you finish filling the roll, make sure to spear each of them with a tooth pick to avoid them falling apart.

For the presentation use a large bowl or plate and decorate it with lettuce and the ham rolls.

As an accompaniment you can serve them with red, white or rosé wine from Matarraña or whatever cold drink. 

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