Mayonnaise Salsa mayonesa


The origin of this sauce is not sure. There's a tradition that attributes it's invention to the french. The french troops led by Mariscal Richelieu defeated the habitants of the island Menorca at the fort of San Felipe de Mahon in the mid-eighteenth century. It was here that they tried all-i-oli sauce and proceeded to copy it and export it to the French court of Louis XV, however they omitted the garlic. Thus was born mahonnaise.  This is one of many different stories of it's origin. What we do know for sure is that it definitely originated in the Mediterranean area which witnessed similar sauces with similar ingredients from ancient times.

Mayonnaise or mahonnaise is a widely eaten condiment, whose popularity has spread over 5 continents. In fact, it is now made industrially and therefore associated with fast food. However, there are many recipes for homemade mayonnaise that make it a healthy product if eaten in moderation. It can accompany a huge number of dishes; anything from fish to rice, pasta, vegetables, salads...

Ingredients: (4 people)

  • 1 egg yolk

  • ¼ litre of soft virgin olive oil

  • A little salt

  • 1 teaspoon of lemon juice



It is very important that the oil and the egg are at room temperature.

Separate the egg yolk from the white. Put the yolk in a marble or stone mortar and stir with the pestle. Add the oil in a very thin trickle, stirring at the same time with the pestle, always stirring in the same direction and at the same rhythm.

When the sauce gains body, add the salt and the lemon juice. The sauce should be thick.


Mayonnaise made with olive oil

Mayonnaise sauce, made with olive oil, is known worldwide.


Recipe taken from: March, L., Ríos, A., El libro del aceite y la aceituna, Alianza, Madrid, 1989.



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