Mushroom toast with ham from Teruel Tostada de champiñon y jamón serrano de Teruel

mushroom toast with SERRANO ham from teruel

Ingredients for 4 people:

400 gr. of mushrooms

2 slices Serrano ham from Teruel

2 cloves of garlic 

Extra virgin olive oil from Lower Aragón.

10 gr. of flour

0.35 l. meat stock

1 salad tomato 

Mushroom toast

Natural mushrooms



Cut some slices of bread of a reasonable size and toast them.

Put in a frying pan, with a little bit of extra virgin olive oil from Lower Aragón, the garlic and a slice of serrano ham from Teruel diced finely, and fry slowly.

Add the mushrooms to the frying pan, with their stalks removed.

Fry them well and add the white wine. Allow the wine to reduce. 

Add the flour and add the meat stock slowly whilst stirring constantly.

Cook gently so as not to get any lumps.

Add salt to taste. Toast the other slice of serrano ham and chop finely. 

Wash and dice the tomato.

Spread a little bit of Ali-oli sauce (similar to garlic mayonaise) on the toasted bread. 

On top of that, put the diced tomato.

Place the mushrooms on top of the tomato facing upwards.

Drizzle the sauce you have after cooking the mushrooms (stock, flour, wine etc) over everything and sprinkle on top the finely chopped and toasted ham.


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