Cod with dumplings Bacalao con albondiguillas y aceite de oliva

cod with dumplings and olive oil

Ingredients for 4 people:

 - Cod.

 - Flour.

 - Extra virgin olive oil.

 - Onion.

 - Garlic.

 - Salt.

 - Pepper.

 - Finely chopped parsley. 

 - Breadcrumbs.

 - Milk.

 - White asparagus.


Cod in a green sauce

Cod with green sauce.



Firstly, desalt the cod in water. When it is desalted, put it in a colander to drain. Next, give it a coating of flour and fry it in a casserole dish with extra virgin olive oil. Once the cod is fried take it out of the casserole dish and set it aside on a plate.

Then make the dumplings with the breadcrumbs, 5 or 6 spoonfuls of milk, garlic and parsley. Fry the dumplings in olive oil before putting them into the casserole dish. 

Next, in the same casserole dish where we have fried the cod and with the same olive oil, fry half an onion and 2 cloves of garlic together with a spoonful of flour  to thicken the mixture into a sauce, finishing it off with some boiling hot milk. Add as much as you feel is needed, stirring constantly so that the sauce is even and doesn't develop lumps. Season with salt and pepper and leave it to simmer before serving with finely chopped parsley and a white asparagus spear on top.

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