Spanish productors of olive oil

 who are we?  is a low Aragon art feeding virtual shop, which was  born thanks to the union of small farmers, cattle farmer and cooperatives, with the purpose of being able to sell better all their products, as well as to be able to expand its sale market.

 In low  Aragon art feeding virtual shop, you can feel the union spirit that people of the  Mezquin-Matarraña (Teruel, España) has, also their overcome spirit and their fight in this society witch is every day more and more difficult.

Through this virtual shop what we want is to make available to everyone the high quality Spanish products that we produce in Teruel like olive oil, Teruel Parma ham, cheese ,cold meet, olive pâté, artisan pâté, bread, artisan pasta, etc.  

All this products go straight  from the producers to your table without any intermediary.

Logotipe of productors asociation

Low Aragon art feedind logo



If you need any additional information you can contact us in:

Sabor Artesano

C/ Maestro Rebullida, 20
44640 – Torrecilla de Alcañiz
Teruel      España
Telf: 34 978 85 24 15
Fax:  978 85 27 00