La feria del Jamón de Teruel Feria del jamón de Teruel.

TERUEL serrano ham FAIR

The Teruel serrano ham Fair is decided to focus on the serrano ham culture from a playful point  of view, gathering together a lot of Teruel people as well as visitants. A lot of events, activities, classes, competitions and workshops are organized in order to catch the attention of the visitants.

Spanish serrano ham from Teruel.

There is a serrano ham cutting contest at the Serrano Ham Fair in Teruel, where there is also offerred ham for tasting

The spanish serrano ham from Teruel will be the core of all the activities developed there, some of which are specially organized for the youngest visitors: children games, a sense workshop and a giving of sandwiches with serrano ham from Teruel (in this way children will learn about the nutritional values of this food). There will also be organized contests of paintings, bar snacks, and ham cutting. So, as one can see, the Fair will not focus only on the commercial side of the product, but also on the fact that the visitors should spend a great time and learn new things.


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