Table olives Elaboración de olivas de mesa


The olive is a fruit that contains a bitter element called oleuropenia, it has a low sugar content and a relatively large content of oil (between 12% and 30%). In order to eat it the bitterness needs to be removed using primarily some of these systems: dressing, based on treatment with alkaline liquor, preferably sodium hydroxide,  natural preparation subjecting them from the beginning to brine, or by washing with water. The olives should be halved previously.

Green and black table olives

Green and black table olives.

You can then act in one of the ways indicated: pickled green olives with lye, in brine (Seville style) totally or partially and then after being heat treated, you can refrigerate them or add a preservative.

Green and black olives can be just put in brine as long as the temperatures remain relatively low. Black olives are also preserved in jars with dry salt.


There are many local preparation systems that although they are less widespread does not mean that they are not a high quality product. Finally, the olives can be pitted for consumption in this state, and they can be filled with anchovies, peppers or other products.





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