Spanish serrano ham and diseases prevention. Spanish serrano ham and osteoporosis.

SPANISH serrano HAM AND THE osteoporosis prevention

The spanish serrano ham is very useful for preventing osteoporosis from appearing, because it presents a high iron content. Above all it prevents this illness during menopause (because it protects from the loss of bone mass) and while old; so it is highly recommended for children diet and teenagers, since what is eaten during the early years of life (childhood, adolescence or youth) helps us reduce the osteoporosis incidence during later stages of life.

Eating spanish serrano ham brings us a quantity of certain nutrients which benefit our health, like proteins, B vitamins and minerals (such as zinc and iron) - a fundamental component of the human diet.

Spanish serrano ham from Teruel.

The  serrano ham represents an essencial element for our diet

The high content in iron diet is very important for the early stages of our life. The daily recommended consume for an adult male is 10 mg, for adult females 15 mg, for pregnant women 25 mg, and for children 10 mg. 
The lack of iron in the human body affects approximately more than 2.100 millons persons all over the world. Only 100 grs of spanish serrano ham a day cover 18% of the recommendations for both children and adults, and approximately between 12% and 7,2% for women and pregant women.

Up to 20 years the bones keep growing, but with 30 years old bones stop growing, reaching their maturity. This is why it is so important to ingest iron, calcio and D vitamin, before reaching this age, since beginning with 30 years old humans begin to lose 1% a year of their bone mass.

Spanish serrano ham with Teruel protected designation of origin.

One should ingest iron before reaching 30 years old, since beginning with this age we lose 1% a year of the bone mass

In order to investigate the loss of the bone mass during the post-menopause period and during old age illnesses, there were realized some studies using rats. The results confirm that the recommeded iron values have a protecting action for bone mass; thus it is very advisable including serrano ham in our day to day diet.


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