The Teruel serrano ham is the preferred by french. Teruel serrano ham from Spain.


The European Community financed a research of the Investigacion and Agroalimentary Technology  Center "Centro de Investigación y Tecnología Agroalimentaria" of Aragón (CITA) where it clearly stands out that the serrano ham that French like most is the one that comes from Teruel. Lots of researchers took part in this research, such as from Germany, Belgium, Spain, France and United Kingdom. Here it is made clear the preference of the Gaelic consumers for Teruel serrano ham with Designation of Origin DO (Denominacion de Origen). They place the Teruel serrano ham even above their own French hams, such as the ones from Bayona Label Rouge, or from Auvergne with no DO or the Aveyron with no DO (these hams were also objects of this research).

Spanish serrano ham with Teruel protected designation of origin.

The Teruel serrano ham DO is the one that French like most

This investigation should give an impulse to our Teruel serrano ham when talking about exporting it to other countries. According to Enrique Bayona, the president of the Regulatory Council for Teruel serrano ham Designation of Origin, the conclusions of the above mentioned research are very satisfying, since France is one of the most competitive countries as for cuisine (without mentioning the French wines). These results indicate that Teruel serrano ham has got a lot of consumers, if we think that France is a country with almost 60 milions inhabitants.

And also, this study offers us a very promising future for the Teruel serrano ham and constitutes a fundamental basis for a possible exportation not only to France, but to other European countries, too.



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