Virgin olive oil to make homemade remedies Remedios naturales con aceite de oliva


Olive oil has been a basic ingredient used by man in natural medicine for centuries. In the Old Age human beings, based on observations and experiments, manages to decipher the properties of the "golden liquid" and they knew how to apply them to the treatment of common illnesses. Such was the identification of oil to medicine in ancient Babylon, that the doctor or healer was called "asu" meaning "knower of oil". Phytotherapy (plants for therapeutic purposes) and aromatherapy have been highly cultivated sciences throughout the centuries. Currently, these practices are on the rise before the advance of natural cures in contemporary culture.

The properties of virgin olive oil make this product an ideal element for homemade remedies

Extra virgin olive oil has many healing applications

Below are several recipes of natural and homemade remedies drawn from traditional medicine for the treatment of various diseases common in our daily life.  A continuación se exponen varias recetas de remedios naturales y caseros extraídos de la medicina tradicional para el tratamiento de diversos males comunes de nuestra vida cotidiana.


OSTEOARTHRITIS: Mix 80 grams of chamomile flowers with half a litre of extra virgin olive oil. Let the mixture sit in the sun for 20 days. Strain and use for massages.

HAIR LOSS: Massage your scalp with olive oil every night, then cover your hair with a clean towel/cloth and leave it until the next day. Afterwards, wash your hair with shampoo the following morning. The treatment should be repeated various times. Olive oil helps the hair follicle to relax and increases the blood flow in the area. 

Olive oil as a remedy for hair loss

Hair loss or alopecia is a problem that affects many people. Virgin olive oil can be used as remedy to treat it.


FATIGUE – SPINAL: Rub the nerve centres of the spine with olive oil

MUSCULAR FATIGUE: Mix in a recipient olive oil with chamomile flowers, brandy and two cloves of garlic. Leave the mixture to stand for 9 days and shake/stir it every time that you use it. For the application, rub the ointment on your back, chest and the soles of your feet.

FATIGUE – FEET: After a hot bath, rub your feet for 10 minutes with an equal mix of extra virgin olive oil and lemon.

CONSTIPATION: Take two tablespoons of olive oil first thing in the morning, before eating anything else, flavouring it with a few drops of lemon juice. If the constipation persists, prepare a mixture of olive oil and lukewarm water, with the same amount of each and use as an enema.  

Olive oil and lemon form an ideal mixture for treating health problems

Lemon and olive oil are an ideal combination to treat problems such as fatigue or constipation

PAINS - MIGRAINES: Mix 50 grams of camomile flowers with half a litre of virgin olive oil. Let it stand in the sun for 15 days, strain and us the ointment to massage your forehead and your neck.

EARACHE: Put in each ear two drops of warm olive oil and cover it with cotton soaked in warm olive oil.

If an insect enters your ear, just pour a few drops of olive oil in the ear canal, tilt your head to the shoulder and the insect will come out.

MUSCULAR PAINS: Mix 100 grams of jasmin flowers with 250 millilitres of extra virgin olive oil. Leave it to stand for 15 days. Strain and use to massage the source of the pain.

The use of olive oil in muscular massages

Olive oil is used in massage to help relax muscles and activate the body's nervous system


RHEUMATISM: Mix virgin olive oil with a little bit of camphor until it dissolves. Massage it on the area that is causing you pain, and it should ease the pain immediately.

SPRAINS:  Mix extra virgin olive oil with crushed garlic or with turpentine and massage gently onto the area causing you pain.

Anti-inflammatory properties of virgin olive oil

Virgin olive oil is made by certain compounds as "oleocanthal" anti-inflammatory properties similar to ibuprofen


GUMS: In order to maintain healthy gums it is good to chew fresh olive leaves frequently.

HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE: Boil for 15 minutes 20 olive leaves in 1 litre of water. Strain, add a bit of sugar and drink one or two cups a day.

SKIN – ACNE: Dissolve 100 drops of essential lavender oil in 250 millilitres of olive oil and rub on the affected areas.

WRINKLES: Mix extra virgin olive oil with lemon juice and massage gently into your skin, two times a week before going to bed.

DRYNESS – DRY SKIN: Mix the pulp of an avocado with olive oil. Apply to you skin, leave for 10 minutes and then wash off with warm water.

FRAGILE NAILS:  Soak your nails in a bath of warm olive oil for 5-10 minutes. Afterwards, paint them with iodine.

Properties of olive oil on skin

Extra virgin olive oil is perfect to hydrate and soften the skin with its antioxidant properties


Fuente de las recetas: March, L., Ríos, A., El libro del aceite y la aceituna, Ed. Alianza, Madrid, 1989.




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