Mill roller for will do olive oil in Teruel. Molino a rulo para elaborar aceite de oliva del Bajo Aragón.


  roller mill for olive oil

Roller mill also called conical stone starts to be used in Spain at the end of the  XVIII century. The big innovation that this mill presented consisted in changing the conical stones of the old Roman mill for stone truncated cones which generatrix rested lined up on the plinth to avoid the slide effect. What marked to decrease the passive resistances of the machine was the effect caused for the development of the conical surface exactly with the circular trajectory sector, this system was allowing a major effect of crushing.

In a lot of olive oil installations, especially in the north of Spain, a system was imposed combined of roller grind and cylindrical stones shake.

The mill to roller also is called I pave with stones conical

Roller mill drawing moved by animal traction

Source: Pieralisi España S.L



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