Large White pigs El cerdo Large White

large white pigs

This is the breed used in crosses as the maternal line. It is one of the best breeds in terms of resistance and with reference to fertility with high maternal qualities such as milk capacity and productivity, besides having a high fattening rate. Also, it is one of the breeds that has a high rate of growth. However, in quality of meat it is not among the top breeds, when considering the quality of meat you have to bear in mind the quantity of intramuscular fat and the Large White pigs hardly ever have PSE (pale, soft and exudative meat).

This breed originates from England, it is white with pink pigmentation and it has spots on its skin. They are usually long with a lot, but not an excessive amount, of strong hair. The males can reach up to 155 kg in weight and the females about 117 kg.

It's physical characteristics are

- Head: consistent, average in size, curved and slightly sunken in the middle.

- Ears: small, lifted, light and not very meaty, on occasions with the tips folded inwards, or inclined slightly towards the front.

Large White pigs are frequently used for the maternal line in cross-breeding.

Large White pigs have a good girth, and a wide front.

- Neck: small, thick, muscular, with a slight jowl and without fat.

- Shoulders: long, rather wide and well proportioned.

- Back: thick, straight, rather long and muscular.

- Spine: rather wide, long and very straight.

- Thorax: sunken, thick and muscular with arched ribs.

- Abdomen: short trunk with a straight back.

- Rump: long, wide, muscular, the top is straight and slightly inclined towards the tail.

- Buttocks and thighs: wide, consistent and rounded.

- Tail: seated correctly and fairly high.


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