Hampshire pigs El cerdo hampshire

hampshire pigs

This breed is from England and has a high lean meat percentage but with few cases of PSE (pale meat, soft and exudative) and with low production yield. The males are usually used for cross-breeding to improve the lean meat percentage of whichever breed. Nowadays, in Spain, there are only about 100 females of this particular race. Its meat usually has a rather low pH which means it has a low capacity for water retention; this is related to its having a gene called RN.

There are only 100 females Hampshires for reproduction in Spain

This pig breed has high standards of quality for ham, but low productive potential.


Its main characteristics are:

- They are medium sized, with good bone proportion and conformation. Boars can weigh up to 180 kg and females up to 145 Kg.

- Colour: black with a white stripe around the neck and forelegs.

- Head: intermediate size, its forehead is rather broad and almost without wrinkles.

- Ears: medium-sized, raised and slightly turned outwards.

- Neck: short, well interspersed with head and trunk, and with little jowl.

- Shoulders: well attached to the stem, perfectly formed and somewhat depressed.

- Back: broad, somewhat curved, with no decline on reaching the back and spine.

- Spine: long, wide, develops equally with the rear and fore legs.

- Thorax: a little sunken, elongated, and somewhat curved ribs.

- Abdomen: smooth, complete with the bottom line, has twelve teats at least, all equally distributed.

- Rump: large, elongated and slightly sunken, decscending from the top down to the tail.

- Buttocks and thighs: quite wide, complete and well formed.

- Tail: sturdily situated in the middle of the higher zone.

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