Spanish serrano ham and the intellectual capacity. Spanish serrano ham has a high zinc content.


For containing zinc the serrano ham helps us develop a greater mental capacity, mostly in preadolescent people. Its proteins, vitamins and minerals content (as well as zinc and iron) is also beneficial for people's health. Ingesting 20 mg of zinc, five days a week during three months makes adolescentes have a more ductile memory, providing quick and precise answers and a better capacity of attending, comprehension and information retention.

At these ages, the nutritionist give a lot of importance to the diets rich in zinc, this is why aliments of a very important nutritional value and of a high content of zinc, like spanish serrano ham, which contains 2,3 mg./100 g., are fundamental for a correct diet.

On the other side, researches confirmed that zinc also improves the eyes-hands coordination and the muscular strength in adults, as well as it increases the precision of taste and of smell, facilitating the cure of injuries, (sun)burns, scalds and gastritis.

The spanish serrano ham is an essential element for growing teenagers.

The spanish serrano ham contains zinc, an essential element for the growing up and development of teenagers

In order to investigate the importance of zinc there were realized some investigations on children - these children had to drink different fruit juices containing 10 mg, or 20 mgs of zinc gluconate, and some of that juice had no zinc. It was demonstrated that those who drank 20 mgs. were obtaining a 12 % better results than those who had no zinc, and a 6 % better results than those who had only drank 10 mgs.

The zinc values are very important during the early years of life, because this is a stage where most energy is spent and more nutrients are needed because the children are growing and developing themselves. Minerals like the iron and zinc are necessary for tissues and for preventing anemia. And it is also very important for the immune system.

Anyway, not only the teenagers can benefit from serrano ham, but also the elderly people can make the most of it. They also need some 20 mgs of zinc a day in order to mantain an open mind and good reflexes.

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