Thesis on Teruel ham Tesis doctoral del jamón de Teruel

the first doctoral thesis written on teruel ham

The author of the doctoral thesis on Teruel ham, Irene Cilla Simón, collected qualitative data on it like where consumers buy hams, data concerning the quality and development of Teruel Ham, which breeds of pig are used, the processes of maturation and curing, details on its preservation, etc.

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One of the objectives of the thesis was to know what opinion consumers had of Teruel ham.

In order to carry out the research for this thesis, 145 legs of ham were used with the Denomination of Origin "Teruel ham", all of them between 8,5 and 9,5 Kg. All of the samples were analysed on their texture, color, degree of oxidation, moisture, water, salt, look, smell, taste, texture ... Referring to consumer opinion surveys were conducted of 19 questions, to learn their customs, priorities, views and feelings about Teruel ham.


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