Most consumers do not differentiate between the different types of ham Diferenciar los differentes tipos de jamón

the majority of consumers do not differentiate between different types of spanish ham

The Food Industry, Ministry of Agriculture has recognized that at least 42% of consumers are unaware of the specifications of cured ham in Spain (Iberian ham,  Teruel ham, Guijuelo ham, Trévelez ham,  Dehesa de Extremadura ham, etc.) The consumers confirm that they in fact do not know any Denominations of Origin. Therefore we should increase the information available to the consumers, so that they can at least differentiate between the different types of serrano ham and thier distributors when they buy the ham.

Serrano ham with Denomination of Origin "Teruel ham"

The Denomination of Origin Teruel ham differs from others by having a seal with a star, and above it reads TERUEL

The Spanish hams that consumers have heard of and name when asked are: serrano ham (44,8%), ham 'de bellota' (31,3%) and ham 'de pata negra' (26%). When the consumer chooses the product, they do not have in mind whether or not the ham is Denomination of Origin or the type of denomination that it has, they concentrate more on its appeal to the senses, the price and many times they end up buying the ham that the shopkeeper recommends to them. 

Therefore, we should start to better inform consumers about the Spanish ham, explaining the different types that can be found in the market, and the differences between them.

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