Denominations of olive oils in Spain Denominaciones de origen del aceite de oliva en españa


denominations of origin for 

olive oil in spain


Spain is a country with a great culture in the cultivation of olive trees, as much so as in the production of olive oil, from this it can be deduced that in Spain there are different production areas of olive oil, the majority with one or more denominations of origin, that certify that their olive oil is an extra virgin olive oil of great quality. Of all of the denominations of origin that exist for olive oil, below we shall highlight a few:


- D.O. olive oil Baena: Olive oil made with Hojiblanca, Picual and Lechin olives. The color varies from golden yellow to yellow old gold. In the tasting, this variety of olives produce soft, dense, low acidity, bright yellow oils, with intense flavours and hints of almonds and apple.


 - D.O olive oil Lower Aragón: Olive oil made with olives from the Empeltre variety which participate in the production of these oils by forming a minimum of 80% of the oil whereas the Arbequina and Royal varieties can never from more than 20% together. The colour of this oil ranges from greenish-yellow to a golden green. In the tasting this oil has a intense fruity aroma, bitter almonds and ripe fruit.


- DO olive oil Gata Hurdes: This denomination of origin is in Estremadura. This type of olive oil made from olives of the Manzanilla Cacereña variety and it is a bright golden yellow color.


- DO olive oil Les Garrigues: This denomination of origin is situated in Cataluña. This type of olive oil is made with the Arbequina variety of olives. This oil can be a yellowish-green colour if made with the fruity olives and yellow if made with the sweeter olives. On tasting this oil has a bitter almond taste if the oil is fruity and a sweet taste if the oil is sweet.  


- DO olive oil Montes de Toledo: This denomination of origin is found in Castilla la Mancha, with olives of the Cornicabra variety, its colour varies between golden yellow and intense green. This olive oil has a fruity aroma and a delicate favour of almonds.


- DO olive oil Priego de Cordoba: This denomination of origin is found in Andalucia. It is made with olives from the Hojiblanca and Picual variety. They are olives with an intense fruity aroma and with a fragrance of grass, apples and almonds, they are slightly bitter with a light spicy finish.


- DO olive oil Sierra de Cazorla: This denomination is found in Andalucia, made with yellowish-green olives from the Picual variety. It is an intensely fruity olive with an aroma of fresh green grass (hay) and has a fresh fruity taste (apple, almonds, fig) in its bitterness and sharpness.


- DO olive oil Sierra de Segura: Found in Andalucia this is a greenish-yellow olive oil made with olives from the Picual variety. It is an oil with balanced flavours and aromas in its maturity.

- DO olive oil Sierra Mágina : This is a denomination located in Andalucia. It is made with olives from the Picual variety and is a golden yellow colour with a light tone of green. It is an oil of fragrant aroma, with a fruity and slightly bitter taste.


- DO olive oil Siurana: Catalan denomination for extra virgin olive oil that is made from Arbequina olives. The fruity oils are green and the sweeter ones are yellow. The aroma and the taste of this olive oil is fruity with a slight taste of almonds.


- DO olive oil Monterrubio: Produced in Extremadura, with olives from the Cornezuelo and Picual varieties. It is a fruity, aromatic, nutty oil with a slightly bitter and spicy taste.


 Denominations for olive oil in Spain


In Spain there are various denominations of origin of olive oil, although they vary depending on the type of olives that are extracted.






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