Olive oil and degenerative diseases El aceite de oliva y las enfermedades degenerativas


OLIVe oil and degenerative diseases

Studies have been carried out that say the extra virgin olive oil is very favorable against degenerative diseases (cancer, osteoporosis ...) The analysis is focused on its antioxidant properties, since olive oil has polyphenols which are natural antioxidants. These prevent the formation of carcinogenic chemicals in the stomach, also protect DNA, lipid membranes, biological macromolecules from oxidative damage and also enhance the immune system. This oxidative damage affects, a large amount, the development of cancers (especially those related to aging). Thus oil polyphenols also inhibit the initiation of tumors.


According to research, olive oil is beneficialfor degenerative diseases

 Every day more studies are conducted to demonstrate the benefits of olive oil.

This work has been carried out by the components of the Department of Analytical Chemistry at the University of Granada. Research will continue along with the cooperation of the Institute of Nutrition and Food Technology and the 'Virgen de las Nieves' Hospital, to corroborate that the extra virgin olive oil increases the quality of life in patients with oxidative stress.

Since the 60's a specialist in nutrition (Ancel Keys) appointed the benefits that the Mediterranean diet could have. Many studies have focused on the benefits of olive oil. 

They have been doing research since the 60s on the benefits of olive oil

Olive oil is indispensable in the Mediterranean diet


An interesting fact is that in the investigations in the major olive oil producing countries (such as Spain, Italy and Greece) there is a low occurrence of heart disease, in contrast with the countries of northern Europe.


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