IGP for Teruel meat Quality certificate for Teruel meat

quality certificate for pig meat from Teruel

From D.O.P. Teruel Ham have begun working to obtain a certificate of quality for Pork Teruel. They have already taken steps to achieve the Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) of pork, bound for the DO Teruel ham.

So the Teruel pork would be positioned at the same level as other meats that already hold the IGP, such as the Galician Veal, Avila beef, the meat of the 'Sierra de Guadarrama', Morucha beef from Salamanca, or Asturiana beef.

Through this certificate you a great guanranteed Serrano ham

With this certificate of quality beef and pork from Teruel will be at the same level as other meats that already have the PGI.

The advantages that the PGI provides: it would give an important guarantee of the quality of the product (so that the buyer would give more value to the product) it would introduce elements of association, there would be better control over product quality, it would help to preserve the collective heritage of the province to ensure that the product of a particular area (therefore buyers can see it's quality), it would guarantee the recognition of a superior quality standard of pork, and the ham sector would benefit  (especially farmers). In addition, it would internationalize the product brand and the area, thereby improving consumer perception of the pork, which would facilitate access to funding in the promotion of quality products in markets, both home and abroad.


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