Olive oil and its preventative properties against cancer El aceite de oliva y sus propiedades preventativas contra el cancer.

olive oil and cancer


Extra virgin olive oil is very beneficial for your health, it's been proved that it helps to prevent and treat cancer, such as breast cancer.

Spanish scientists from the Division of Medical Oncology, Catalan Institute of Oncology, whose director is Ramon Colomer, have concluded through various experiments that oleic acid, the main component of olive oil, greatly reduces the levels of Her-2/neu oncogene also known as erb B-2, present in breast cancer and associated with aggressive tumors that have a poor prognosis. Oleic acid not only suppresses the expression of the gene, but also increases the efficacy of the treatment with monoclonal antibodies aimed at the gene erb B-2.

Recent investigations, as Dr. Colomer claims, have demonstrated for now that there is a link between olive oil and cancer development, since those populations that consume more olive oil, like in the case of the Mediterranean population, develop gastrointestinal, breast or prostate tumors to a lesser extent, as well as the patients that after being treated for cancer, with a diet rich in olive oil, recover better. It has also been shown that women suffering from breast cancer, consuming plenty of extra virgin olive oil in their diet, reduced by half the key oncogene expression, whereas if they had eaten another type of oil, oncogene expression would have been high.

Olive oil is a predictive agent of cancer

Extra virgin olive oil helps prevent and treat cancer


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