1.       Price list  

 All the prices exposed in our product list are without taxes. This is because the applicable taxes change according to the destiny country. In the final Summary the definitive price appears, indicating the quantity corresponding to the applicable taxes according to the country chosen in the sending details.

In relation to the Value-added tax (VAT), as general rule, will apply the tax type of 21 % for the  European Union territory where this tax is applied. They will be exempt from paying this tax all those companies belonging to countries of the European Union that have within the European community CIF, exempting Spain. In the sale to any other country of the world  will not reverberate VAT, nevertheless the customs systems of every country will apply the tax corresponding charges, which  will have to be paid in destiny for the receiver of the goods.

Due to the special fiscal regime, are considered to be outside of the EU territories the geographical areas corresponding to Canaries, Ceuta and Melilla. Therefore, the buys made by residents of these territories are exempt from the payment of the VAT (the expenses of the customs office and the import taxes are included neither in the article price nor in the sending, and they will have to be paid in destiny for the receiver of the goods).

The prices exposed in could be checked and modified if the conditions requires it at any moment.

2. Payment systems  

      a) Cash on delivery

      b) Credit transfer

      c) VISA OR MASTERCARD credit card

      d) Western Union draft

      e) Money order

a) Cash on delivery

To election of the client, can make the cash on delivery payment in the Peninsula, Canaries, Balearics, Ceuta and Melilla. Also it will be possible make, exceptionally, cash on delivery payment to Portugal if the company believes it is opportunely.

 The payment will be in cash in the delivery moment trough the transport company corresponding to the delivery place; Nacex, Tourline Express or Seur.


b) Credit transfer

If you choose credit transfer as payment system, you will receive together with the confirmation of your order an e-mail where you will find the account number where you have to make the transfer to SABOR ARTESANO 

It is very important to indicate in the box matter the order number, as well as your name and surnames, and to make the transfer within 3 days from the day you place the order to validate it.

The order will not be considered to be effective until you send for fax (+34 978 85 24 15), or  e-mail  the transference receipt and states of effective form from our bank that payment is been received.

Do not forget to make the payment in Euros and all the eventual change and bank commissions have to be paid for the buyer if you choose this payment option.


c) VISA o MASTERCARD credit card

If you want to pay with VISA or MASTERCARD credit card, you have to give us your card number and the expire date in the order form of our web page  

If you prefer you can send also the before mentioned details by fax (+34) 978 85 24 15 or email 

d) Western Union draft

If you choose Western Union draft as payment way, you will receive together with your order confirmation an e-mail where you will find all the necessary details to make the payment.

Once you have made the draft, in the same office, will give you a password and you have to send it by e-mail to, for us to collect your draft.

The order will not be considered to be effective until we have collected correctly the money of the draft.


e) Money order

If you select money order as payment, you will receive together with your order confirmation an e-mail where you will find all the necessary details to send the money. 

The order will not be considered to be effective until we have received correctly the money of your money order in our office. 


3. Delivery forms and periods

The delivery time goes from 5 to 7 days, depending of the delivery destination

SABOR ARTESANO reserves the right to change the delivery type and the company by which this one is made, independently of the exposed in these pages and providing that this does not suppose a manifest prejudice for the client.


4. Guarantee

SABOR ARTESANO clients  benefit from the confidence that Low Aragon farmers offers, since they produce first quality materials.

If for any motive, any of our products does not arrive to your house in perfect conditions, you can phone us to (+34) 978 85 24 15 to solve the problem replacing this product as soon as possible.


5. Return and material changes  

Our customer service department has a after-sales service to solve any problem with our products or sending, trough which we try to offer a quick and efficient attention to our customers.

If for any reason you are not  satisfied with your order, you have 7 working days, counting from the delivery order date, to send it back. (Following the art. 44 of the law 7/1996, from 15th of January of the Retailer Trade  Ordination for the Law 47/2002, from 19th of December.). 

You only have to send your product in perfect conditions and the original packaging including the etiquettes. Besides, in case of change, you will not have to pay the postage and handling of the new order.

In the change case it is very important to return to us the products perfectly packed. In case the products turn out to be damaged due to an inappropriate packing, we will not admit the return.

Once we have the goods in our stores and verify that they follow all the previous conditions, will admit the return of the product and will proceed to the refund of the amount in conformity with the payment realized method, and in case,  sending of the new product.

In case of defective products or erroneous sending, all the postage and handling will run at the expense of 

To make a change or return, you have to send us an e-mail to or call us to (+34) 978 85 24 15 

6. Responsibility limitation 

It is responsibility of the client to be qualified to use the products that SABOR ARTESANO distributes. SABOR ARTESANO declines any responsibility for the use that our clients give to the distributed products.      


7. Personal character information protection

In fulfillment of the established in the Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, of Protection of Personal Character information, SABOR ARTESANO, inform to our clients that all the personal information facilitated to us will be included in an automated information of personal character file, created and supported on the responsibility of SABOR-ARTESANO.COM.

 The purpose of the above mentioned file is to facilitate the orders processing and to send future commercial offers on products and services that could be interesting for our clients.

SABOR-ARTESANO guarantees the safety and confidentiality of the facilitated information. Thus, we  compromise to the fulfillment of personal character secret obligation and our duty to adopt all the necessary measurements to guard them to avoid alteration, loss, treatment or not authorized use. Therefore, all the information about our clients neither will be used with commercial intentions nor will be transferred to thirds.

SABOR ARTESANO customers will be able to exercise at all time the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition, writing to us to or writing a letter to:

Sabor Artesano

C/ Maestro Rebullida, 20
44640 – Torrecilla de Alcañiz
Teruel      España


8. Legislation and jurisdiction  

The present general conditions will be interpreted in conformity with the matter Spanish in force legislation, which will be applied subsidiarily in everything what has not been foreseen in the same ones. (Basically Law 34/2002 of July 11 of services of the information and electronic trade)


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