Belgian White pigs El cerdo blanco belga o landrace belga

belgian white or belgian landrace pigs

This breed is used to improve the quality of the meat destined for serrano ham with Denomination of Origin from Teruel, in two-way or three-way crosses. It's the males that are almost always used for this purpose. They have a low growth rate however they have a high lean meat percentage with a high PSE (pale meat, soft and exudative) percenrtage too. Breeding conditions are somewhat low. It comes from the dutch Landrace breed with local french breeds and the Pietrain breed, to get an animal with a great conformation, more than anything for the tenderloin and serrano hams. It's adaptation to the environment isn't very good as it doesn't react well to environmental changes. This race is usually used as the paternal line in cross-breeding.

The Belgian Landrace race is usually used as the paternal line in cross-breeding

The Belgian Landrace is distinguished from regular Landraces by its behind.

This breed has spread quite a lot through Europe, required for its confromation and the low level of fat in its meat. It looks like the Landrace breed in most physical aspects, although it differs slightly in the head (ears) and in its conformation (back, and ham).

- The head has a wide forehead, lightweight, and has somewhat fallen ears.

- Its body is quite long, muscular back and well attached to the body.

- Its back is quite large and slightly rounded.

- The backside is rather muscular.

- The rump is slightly fallen, with full hind legs slightly lowered.

- Its limbs are solid and short.

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