Fried ham tapa Jamón serrano de Teruel frito




 - Serrano ham from Lower Aragón.

 - Finely chopped herbs.

 - Bread



Chop the serrano ham from Teruel into really small pieces and mix it with the finely chopped/crushed herbs. Add an equal amount of the fat from the Teruel ham as it will be cooked later and it gives a lot of flavour.

The bread is cut into thin slices.

Put the slices of bread in a saucepan, some on top of others, forming layers. On top of the first layer of bread, put the mixture of chopped ham, herbs and fat; then on top of the second layer of bread, place whole slices of ham; alternating until you fill the pan, forming like a layered cake and ending with a crust. 

Put a plate upside down over the top of the saucepan, and with one hand placed firmly on the bottom of the plate use the other hand to grab the handle of the saucepan and turn the saucepan upside down, so that the bread and ham stay on the plate. Remove the pan carefully. Now bake it until it toasts, being careful not to burn it. 

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