Serrano ham from Teruel



 Ingredients for 4 people: 

 - Beef fat.

 - Serrano ham from Teruel.

 - Wine from the Maestrazgo cellars. 

 - Pepper.

 - 6 eggs.



To prepare this dish you need six lean slices of ham from Teruel, as big as the palm of your hand and about 3 or 4 mm. of thickness. The lean ham from Teruel is prepared in a pan where you will melt an ounce of beef fat.

Sauté the lean slices of ham, one by one, in the red-hot beef fat until they become white, but without becoming crisp. Once all the slices are sautéed take the pan off the heat and cover the bottom of it with all the lean slices.

When we have the bottom of the pan covered by the ham, put the pan back on the heat and wet it with a ladle of stock and a glass of Maestrazgo wine. We add a bit of pepper and pour over, one by one, the six eggs once they have set they should cover the Teruel ham at the bottom of the pan.

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