Recipes for meat dishes made with ingredients form Lower Aragón Recetas de carnes hechas con productos de Bajo Aragón


In this section you can find main dishes based on meats and other products from our land.

- Spanish ham skewers.

- Lamb shank.

- Meatballs.

- Beef steak with fried egg and brussel sprouts.

- Sausages cooked with onions and white wine.

- Pork cutlets with cheese and bacon.

- Rabbit and white wine casserole.

- Lamb stew.

- Lamb with peppers cooked in white wine.

- Veal fillet stuffed with cheese and serrano ham.

- Pork with peaches from Calanda in an almond sauce.

- Meat loaf.

- Shoulder of lamb with serrano ham from Teruel.

- Pig trotters.

- Pickled partridge served with onions and peppers.

- Chicken with almonds and serrano ham from Teruel.

- Chicken with tomato and garlic.

- Veal medaillons with cheese wrapped in bacon.

- Pork, bacon and liver stir-fry.

- Chicken casserole with a red wine sauce.

- Stuffed turkey cooked in olive oil from Lower Aragón.

- Beef ribs with sheep cheese and Teruel ham.

- Pork chops cooked in wine from Maestrazgo.

- Peppers stuffed with cheese from Aragón.

- Roast turkey with mandarins.

- Stewed beef and vegetables cooked in red wine.

- Pork tenderlolin with vegetables.

- Chicken breasts in bread crumbs fried in olive oil from Lower Aragón.

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