Cheese canape Canape de queso.

Cheese canape

Ingredients for 4 people:

 - 1 fine slice of goats cheese from Lower Aragón, (250 g) aprox.

 - 8 slices of bread made wood stove .

 - 4 spoonfuls of raspberry jam.

 - 2 spoonfuls of raspberry vinager.

 - Freshly ground pepper.


Delicious cheese canapes


Exquisite canape made with cheese and jam.



Cut the cheese in slices the same size as the bread bases and to a thickness of approximately 1 cm. Afterwards mix the raspberry vinager with the jam.

Place a piece of cheese on top of each piece of bread. 

To finish, sprinkle a teaspoon of the jam and vinager mixture on top of the cheese, add freshly ground pepper to taste.



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