Cheese bite Bocadito de queso

cheese bites

Ingredients for 4 people:

 - Mature cheese from Aragón.

 - Seasame seed toast.

 - Cream cheese from Aragón.

 - Grated cheese

 - Infusion of spinach and parsley.


Mature cheese is the base of this recipe


The semi-hard cheese, is one of the basic ingredients of the snack.


The first thing we do to make this snack, is melt the mature and cream cheese from Aragon together. When the cheeses are fully melted, pass the hot mixture through a Chinese strainer, so that the mixture is smooth.

Next, incorporate into mixture of the two cheeses, an infusion of spinach and parsley, until the mixture is the desired color.

Next we make a cracker using grated cheese for this we bake the grated cheese between two sheets of waxed paper, until it crisps and acquires a golden color.  

When the cracker is baked, you should remove any irregular parts that have come away.

Finally, using a teaspoon place on top of the cracker a portion of a fine mature cheese of toasted sesame seeds. Finish them off decorating them with small portions of the cheese crackers that you've baked.

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