Serrano ham propelled by the Office of Export Meat Spain El jamón serrano impulsasdo por la OECE

spanish serrano ham propelled by the activities of the oece

The OECE (Export Bureau for Meat from Spain), is divided into five business sectors: pork, beef, processed meat, Iberian products and serrano ham. To meet the needs of all sectors they have made some specific working groups, where all company members can participate. In addition, the companies in the five sectors will be able to define their objectives and priorities, initiatives and target markets with higher priority.

From the OECE the objectives and initiatives are itemized and the foreign trade in the short to medium term is taken into account, to encourage many companies in external action. The OECE has come a long way in their activities, they seek to support the government in the creation and opening of new markets, improve the administrative and health, and support meat companies engaged in export, so that they can trade internationally.

Also they have approved the actions that are to be made during the year, information sessions on trade, development of an electronic newsletter with information and news, create two web portals ( for exporting meat business information, and for those importing from other countries), developing a catalog of meat on CD-Rom, participation in international fairs of interest ...

The OECE therefore facilitates the promotion of Spanish ham on the outside and gives it a structure that facilitates marketing, as well as promote and encourage the opening of markets for the sale of ham.

The OECE facilitates the promotion of new markets for the sale of ham

Spanish Serrano Ham is one of the sectors of the "Office of Export Meat of Spain"

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